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电信学院信通系陈晓明教授与丹麦奥尔堡大学Wei Fan教授、是德科技Pekka Kyosti博士、3GPP专家Moray Rumney和英国国家物理实验室(NPLTian Hong Loh研究员在国际知名期刊IET Microwaves, Antennas & Propagation上组织了关于5G计量技术(Metrology for 5G Technologies)的特刊,主要方向是5G天线测试, 5G系统测试等(具体信息如下)。投稿截止日期是20194月。敬请各位学术界及工业界专家学者赐稿。 投稿网址: www.ietdl.org/IET-MAP


Metrology for 5G Technologies 

The next generation communication system, typically referred to as the fifth generation (5G), is currently under intensive research and development in industry, academia and government organisations. The new 5G cellular systems are envisioned to achieve better performance, e.g. higher date rate, better energy efficiency, and higher reliability than current systems. Of the wide palette of 5G features, millimeter wave (mmWave) communication, ultra-wide system bandwidth, and large-scale antenna systems are regarded as the essential enabling components.

To make 5G antenna systems a reality, tremendous efforts have been exerted from academia, industry and government laboratories. Performance and production testing are a mandatory step and are essential in product design and development. The 5G antenna systems, however, have posed unprecedented challenges on testing methodologies. For sub-6 GHz antenna systems, accessible antenna connectors are typically implemented for cable conducted testing purposes. However, it is predicted that the conducted testing will no longer be applicable for many 5G communication systems, due to the lack of antenna connectors and possibility of massive antenna counts. Further, it is important that the test setup can offer high precision, high efficient results with low system cost.

The objective of this Special Issue is to address the technical challenges in metrology for 5G technologies. Thus, we invite authors to contribute original and innovative research articles as well as review articles that address metrology for 5G radios.


Specific topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

·        Novel conducted and over-the-air measurement testing setups

·        Anechoic chamber and reverberation chamber based testing setup for 5G antenna testing

·        Production test system for 5G mmWave base station and mobile terminal

·        Massive MIMO antenna array diagnosis and calibration

·        Over-the-air testing performance testing of 5G terminals

·        Virtual drive testing

·        Performance evaluation of communication systems in critical propagation scenarios

·        Progress in standardisation of 5G metrology

·        Suitable 5G channel model development for performance testing

·        5G radio channel emulator design

·        5G testbed development and performance evaluation

·        Standardisation activities by IEEE, 3GPP and ETSI

·        Measurement uncertainty analysis for OTA tests



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